Launch: 46.70511N / 7.86469E (632 582 / 172 744)
Landing: 46.69345N / 7.87275E (633 206 / 171 451)
The Harder ride is a steep straight flight down to Interlaken. Most of the flight will be over trees.

Important Information: Care about the Harder rules!!!
Harder is a very high level flying Speedflying area with a difficult landing area !!!
– Pack the wing in the stash bag if going up with the funicular
– Always give seat to other people if crowded in the cable car and be nice !!!
– Webcam Top: http://www.webcam-4insiders.com/de/Wetter-Interlaken/1702-Interlaken-Wetter.php – Phone Resue: +41 1414 (REGA)

Launch: To go to the launch you take the Harder funicular at the bottom station in Interlaken. On top you head right along the path trough the forest. After a 20min walk you reach a steep grass field. Climb up the field 60 meters.

Most of the time the grass is high. Be sure your wing is prepared well for the launch.

Flight: The landing spot is more or less straight down. For orientation keep an eye on the long bridge at the right side of the landing area.
At the second half of the flight, do not go to close to the ground. There are some cables – that will hurt!!!

Landing: Normally land as shown in the pictures below. If the grass is high, please land on the little road beside the field.

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